Our Process

Dissertationshop.co.uk team would like to tell you more about how papers are created here. Please take time to read this page if you want to make sure our process complies with your requirements.

1. Preparatory stage

At this stage, a writer receives your order requirements and processes them. The processing includes verifying and consulting relevant style guides. In other words, a writer makes sure that everything is ready to start working on your paper and plans his work.

2. Research stage

Thoroughness of research is what defines the success of your paper. That’s why we put special emphasis on this stage. Writers are allowed to use the sources that comply with our standards, i.e. those that are not outdated, that are relevant and reliable. Their research should include all major figures and developments; however, it is not allowed to use more sources than a customer has specified.

3. First draft stage

The first draft should reflect the writer’s first developments and define the further direction of work. However, we stick to the “quality first draft” policy, meaning that, although primary, the draft should stand for 80% of the final paper. There will be fixes and corrections, but the first draft is critical for your final paper.

4. Editing and proofreading

Although these two stages are united in one, their levels of importance and durations are completely different. Sometimes editing takes as much time as research or writing, while proofreading is a much shorter stage. In the process of editing, the draft should take its final form.

5. Plagiarism check

At this stage, we use all possible means to see if the paper is original. If it isn’t, the writer is obliged to continue working until we are satisfied with its originality score. No major changes are performed at this stage, but those that are performed usually boost the originality score to at least 90%.

6. Paper delivery

When the paper successfully passes the quality check, it is ready for delivery. We send it to the specified email address and ask our customers to take a look at it before submission (if there is time, of course). If you want to change something in your paper to make it even better, please use our free revision option.

If this writing process followed by dissertationshop.co.uk complies with your requirements, we will be glad to start working on your paper right now.